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Premium Vs Budget Tyres

We break down the difference

What is the difference between buying budget tyres or buying premium tyres?

This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions by our customers.

Well let’s break this down, there are 3 elements that separate premium tyres from budget tyres: 1 – enhanced technology, 2 – improved all round performance and 3 – increased safety characteristics.


Premium tyres use the latest technology and research in manufacture, this is not only restricted to materials but also in testing methods, industrial procedures as well as research and development (R&D). Premium tyres are designed and developed to give the best performance in respect to safety, grip, rolling resistance and endurance.

Premium manufacturers of tyres such as Michelin, use advanced computer modelling, fluid dynamics and advanced simulation tools that budget manufacturer’s don’t always have access to or the budget to do so. Many experts are of the opinion that the technology used to manufacture budget tyre’s can be as much as 10 – 15 years old.


Budget tyres are made to a set price point as opposed to premium tyres which are by design made to be the best tyre possible by the manufacturer. Premium tyres use the latest technology in development and are tested thoroughly in the markets where they will be used.

Whilst many people opt to go for budget tyres with the sense of saving money this is not always true. Short terms savings can be lost to lower fuel economy over the life span of the tyre, or to the loss of mileage this is without even thinking about the safety aspect.


Premium tyres as you would expect offer enhanced safety on the road and manufacturers work together with vehicle manufacturers to give their cars the best possible performance. The relationship between the car and the tyre is optimised to produce the best safety, grip, noise, comfort as well as longevity and rolling resistance.

Let’s use the example of tyre performance to further illustrate this point. Each labelling grade in wet braking is the equivalent to one car length in braking at 50mph. So the savings that usually sway people to go for budget tyres could also easily mean in a far longer braking distance in the wet.

Is the money you save by buying a budget tyre really worth compromising on safety? Would you be as happy to buy a budget child car seat for example?

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